XXXWe are a Motion Graphics Company & Explainer Video Studio, specialized in artistic direction, visual storytelling, and animation.

WIDEVIEW is a Motion Graphics and Explainer Video Studio. As a recognized leader in the industry, our expertise extends to key areas such as art direction, visual storytelling, and animated solutions for companies, B2B and Corporate Videos.

In the video industry, creativity is often associated with art and, as a result, artists often aim to push the boundaries of originality, imagining new and disruptive concepts both in substance and form. However, in this pursuit, the simple objective of communicating about a company or flagship product can sometimes get lost in the creative process.

At WIDEVIEW, we have no artistic delusions about projecting subjective works to evoke dreams and push boundaries. We value practicality. Our approach is based on proven fundamentals of corporate design and graphics, with a meticulous integration of your brand guidelines into our creations as needed. This way, we can produce high-quality content and visual marketing tools that complement your strategies.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced animators and designers who possess a deep understanding of B2B content. They are creative and inspired, but they also have a profound grasp of the needs of leading companies.

A recognized leader in our sector, we have produced hundreds of productions and created emblematic films that testify to this particular know-how. Thanks to our proven production processes, implemented by a highly organized and passionate team, we have always satisfied our demanding clients, while respecting their budgets and the time frames given. 

The clients

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We collaborate with prestigious clients, leaders in their industries, and with startups aiming for the top in a wide variety of sectors. This openness is at the heart of our approach, as it allows us to accumulate diversified expertise, which we put at the service of the luxury, finance, sports, tech, pharmaceutical, entertainment, and NGO sectors, among others.

This diversity, now in our DNA, allows us to meet the specific needs of each vertical by adapting our skills and creativity in order to contribute to the success of our clients in every project we take.

The People

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Passionate collaboration is at the heart of our approach, gathering in our Parisian studios or remotely, a meticulous team with varied sensitivities, backgrounds, and experiences, that make us what we are. Creative and curious craftsmen, mastering with ease both the pencil and the tools of artificial intelligence. We are convinced that the best ideas emerge through collective reflection and the contribution of diverse and unexpected perspectives.


We always keep in mind that the human remains the conductor of this constantly evolving ensemble. As we build the future, we remain grounded in our commitment to authenticity, passion, and excellence. It’s this balance between technology and humanity that will allow us to continue to push further in our creativity, serving our clients and their brands.