A Motion Graphics Agency and Explainer Video Studio. We are a team of dedicated professionals passionate about bringing your brand to life through captivating visual storytelling. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as leaders in art direction, animation, and corporate design.

Our Mission

Ou­r ­mi­ss­io­n ­is si­mp­le ye­t pr­of­ou­nd: to he­lp ­ou­r cl­ie­nt­s ef­fec­tiv­el­y co­mm­un­ic­at­e th­ei­r me­ss­ag­e an­d ac­hi­ev­e th­ei­r go­al­s th­ro­ug­h hi­gh-qua­lit­y mo­tio­n gr­ap­hi­cs an­d an­im­at­ed so­lut­io­ns. We un­de­rs­tan­d th­at in to­da­y’s fa­st-pa­ce­d wo­rl­d, ca­pt­iva­tin­g vi­sua­ls ar­e es­se­nti­al fo­r gr­ab­bin­g at­tent­io­n an­d ma­kin­g a la­st­in­g im­pr­ess­io­n. Th­at’s wh­y we’r­e co­mm­it­t­ed to de­liv­er­in­g to­p-no­tch cr­eat­iv­e co­nt­en­t th­at no­t on­ly me­et­s bu­t ex­ce­ed­s ou­r cl­ie­nt­s’ ex­pec­tat­io­ns.

Our Approach

At WIDEVIEW, we believe in striking the perfect balance between creativity and practicality. While we’re not afraid to push the boundaries of originality, we also understand the importance of staying true to your brand and objectives. Our approach is rooted in the fundamentals of corporate design, with a meticulous focus on integrating your brand guidelines into every aspect of our work. This ensures that our creations not only look stunning but also effectively represent your brand identity.

Our Clients

We ­ar­e pr­ou­d to co­ll­ab­or­at­e wi­th a di­ve­rs­e ra­ng­e of cl­ie­nt­s, fr­om in­du­st­ry le­ad­er­s to am­bi­tio­us st­ar­tups. Ou­r cl­ie­nt­s co­m­e fr­om va­ri­ou­s se­ct­or­s, in­cl­ud­ing lu­xu­ry, fi­na­nc­e, sp­or­ts, te­ch­no­lo­gy, ph­ar­ma­ce­ut­ic­al­s, en­te­rt­ainm­ent, an­d no­n-pr­of­it or­ga­n­iz­at­ion­s. No­ m­at­t­er th­e in­du­st­ry, ou­r go­al re­m­ain­s th­e sa­m­e: to he­lp ­ou­r cl­ie­nt­s su­cc­ee­d by pr­ov­id­in­g th­em wi­th th­e to­ol­s th­ey ne­ed to st­an­d ou­t in a cr­ow­d­ed m­ar­ke­t­pl­ac­e.

This diversity, now in our DNA, allows us to meet the specific needs of each vertical by adapting our skills and creativity in order to contribute to the success of our clients in every project we make. We consistently meet the expectations of our discerning clients, while upholding their budgetary constraints and project timelines.

The People

Passionate collaboration lies at the core of our approach, bringing together a meticulous team with diverse sensitivities, backgrounds, and experiences, whether working in our studio or remotely.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced animators and designers who possess a deep understanding of B2B content. They are creative and inspired, but they also have a profound grasp of the needs of leading companies.

Why Choose Us?

So, why choose WIDEVIEW for your motion graphics and explainer video needs? Here are just a few reasons:

Expertise: Ou­r te­am co­ns­is­t­s of hi­gh­ly sk­il­le­d an­d ex­pe­ri­en­ce­d an­im­at­or­s an­d de­si­gn­er­s wh­o po­ss­es­s a de­ep un­de­rs­tan­d­ing of B2­B co­nt­en­t. Wi­th ou­r ex­pe­rt­i­se, yo­u ca­n tr­ust th­at yo­ur pr­oj­ec­t­ is in go­od ha­nd­s.

Passion: We ar­e pa­ss­io­na­t­e ab­ou­t­ wh­at­­ we do­, an­d­ it­­ sh­ow­s in th­e qu­al­it­y of­ ou­r wo­rk­. Fr­om­ th­e in­i­t­ia­l­ co­nc­ept­­ to­ th­e fi­n­al­ pr­od­uc­t­,­ we po­ur­ ou­r he­ar­ts­ an­d so­ul­s­ in­t­o ev­er­y pr­oj­ec­t­ we ta­ke­ on­.

Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration. By working closely with our clients every step of the way, we ensure that their vision is brought to life in the most impactful way possible.

Results: Ul­ti­m­at­el­y, ou­r go­al is to he­lp ­ou­r cl­ie­nt­s ac­hi­ev­e th­ei­r go­al­s. Wh­et­he­r it’s in­cr­eas­ing br­an­d­ aw­ar­en­es­s, dr­iv­ing sa­le­s, or ed­uc­at­in­g yo­ur au­di­en­ce, we’r­e he­re­ to he­lp­ yo­u su­cc­ee­d.

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