Illustrated Explainer Video Gymlib

Gymlib reach out to us to create this illustrated B2B Explainer video.

Gymlib fitness sports illustration motion graphics Wideview New York

The famous online marketplace that allows users to find zumba, boxing, yoga, pilates, dance and fitness centers ! Because it is definitely funnier to work with some colleagues you work out with! It is not easy to launch a new concept and tell the targeted audience what makes it so special. We started by developing a storyboard.

Storyboard illustration explainer video company Wideview New York

Motion Design is an amazing tool. It allows to present at the same time the idea and how it works in a few seconds. 

Gymlib fitness sports motion graphics Wideview New York

We created the whole art direction, character design and the animation of this motion video. We love this colorful graphic and dynamic style.

Office meeting illustration motion graphics Wideview New York