Motion Graphics DESIGN DAY

WIDEVIEW produced this motion-graphics animation for the Design Day. TracyLocke agency asked us to imagine a fun, colorful and dynamic video intended to be broadcast during many events dedicated to this special day for the graphics industry.

Motion Graphics Design Day Illustration Flat Design Wideview

Graphic Motion Design Brief:

At the core of our collaboration was a clear directive: to craft a piece that radiated fun, vibrancy, and dynamism. We at Wideview embraced this challenge wholeheartedly, aiming to create a video that not only entertained but also inspired and resonated with viewers across diverse platforms.

Motion Graphics Unveil the Magic of Design Day:

Our motion graphics agency began production by directing the art and presenting various graphic directions based on the desired flat design style. Once approved, we proceeded to create a storyboard encompassing all frames of the animation.

Motion Graphics Design Day Illustration Flat Design Wideview Grey

Beyond mere graphic approval, the storyboard also aimed to explain the animation transitions, a key highlight of this type of film. The sought-after fluidity between each scene, with elements seamlessly flowing into one another, gradually brings the entire film to life to convey the desired message.

Design conviction Motion Graphics Design Day Illustration Flat Design Wideview New York

With meticulous attention to detail, Wideview crafted each image, ensuring that every visual element contributed to the overall narrative of this motion design video dedicated to World Design Day!

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