Explainer Video 3D Keyprod

Our friends at KeyProd contacted us to support them in producing a 3D explainer video for their “Ready for the 4.0 Industry Revolution?” campaign at the National Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA) in Las Vegas and the “Paris Air Show” at Paris–Le Bourget Airport in France, the world’s premier and largest event dedicated to the aviation and space industry.

Their need was to present their innovative solution through a highly technological design, and in a very dynamic way to engage the audience at their two strategic commercial events.

With our experience at Wideview we supported them in this project, by combining the editorial with artistic directions, animations , and a custom soundtrack. As always for this type of production, to envision what it will look like, we started with rough illustrations.

Rough illustration 3D explainer video for the National Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition NBAA in Las Vegas.

Once the style and visual storytelling were well advanced, we set these elements in motion by producing an animatic. A preliminary version of the final video, made of sketches or rough representations of the planned scenes. It’s essentially a visual version of the script that helps to understand the narrative progression and visualize key transitions and movements.

Creating an animatic is crucial. It also helps us spot any potential issues with storytelling, staging, or animation flow before committing to full production.

Then we move on to creating the video following the traditional 3D animation process, starting with modeling. That involves creating the models, followed by texturing, which means applying textures and materials to create realistic appearances. Animation is then used to add movements, interactions, and camera animations.

Wideview 3D Animation Studio NYC Explainer Video

Next, lighting is applied to illuminate the scenes and create a realistic feel, followed by rendering to obtain high-quality images or sequences. Then, with compositing, we add the last visual touch: effects and text overlays. Finally, we create the perfect soundtrack to produce an engaging and dynamic video.

3D explainer video National Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition NBAA in Las Vegas

When it comes to introducing the latest technological innovations, 3D is a great form of visual content as you can see in this video. Keyprod is a plug’n’play solution is innovative for the world of industry. It connects the machines and collects their data thanks to the vibrations they generate. This allows production to be monitored and performance to be evaluated and optimized.

Wideview 3D Animation Company NYC Explainer Video Motion Design