Training Explainer Video x Chanel

Chanel reach out to us to create a training video series in motion graphics. With 310 boutiques around the world, this iconic luxury company has three main activities: Fashion, Beauty Fragrances, and Watchmaking/Jewelry. The boutiques are organized the same way, whether in Tokyo or New York. Likewise, the products are arranged in the same manner, and even their seasonal window displays are identical.  

It would be almost impossible for the company to correctly and quickly convey all the information their local sales teams need to know to serve their high-end clientele around the planet. That’s why they call on our motion graphics agency to create 5 elegant videos that, once translated into many languages, are shared with their collaborators.  

Each video presents a different theme, introduced by a visual merchandiser in the form of an animated video interview. These topics are the ones that most frequently occur in stores around the world and that all employees must master. These include brand inspiration, the art of wrapping, in-store display, the influence of architecture, and some other more confidential topics that we intentionally won’t discuss here.

With the rise of digital media, traditional training methods are rapidly becoming obsolete. For several years now, an educational tool gaining significant ground is the use of animated training videos with motion graphics. These productions provide an innovative and highly accessible way for employees to acquire new skills or improve existing ones. Unlike in-person training that is time and location-dependent, training videos offer flexibility, allowing learners to access them at their convenience and remotely.  

Animation offers a variety of benefits to the learner, including:  

  • Simplification of Complex Subjects: Animated videos are particularly effective when it comes to complex subjects that require an engaging and easy-to-understand approach.  
  • Improved Information Retention: Studies show that people retain information from videos five times more than that from reading.  
  • Versatility: Animated videos cater to different learning styles and can effectively communicate with a diverse audience.  
  • Promotion of Informal Learning: The playful nature of animated videos encourages a more relaxed and engaging learning experience, promoting better understanding and retention of knowledge.