Motion Graphics & 2D Animation TWILIO API

Twilio selected Wideview to create an animated motion graphics presentation of their customer engagement API platform. As a globally recognized company, they wanted a video primarily set against a white backdrop, featuring a stylized character and more technical interface elements. This would allow them to communicate with this video on a worldwide scale through translations into a dozen different languages.

Twilio is a Californian company specializing in customer relations. While it might not be widely recognized by the general public, we use its services daily through our mobile phones. Its client roster includes the likes of Uber, Airbnb, WhatsApp, Salesforce, and countless startups. Twilio makes managing customer communication cases in all areas easier for these companies, enabling them to interact with end-users in the most effective manner possible, be it through
voice, text, or video.

Twilio cintiq Animation

Twilio’s messaging API is not only reliable, fast, and user-friendly, but it also works with numerous messaging providers. That’s why the video strikes a balance between the character animation and the many more “techy” interface and visualization elements of their solution. To properly organize the sequence of animated scenes, one of the first steps was to create a storyboard.

motion graphics storyboard FEVR agency new york
motion graphics UX storyboard FEVR animation company

We assisted the company in conveying this message through a 2D animation that combines these two techniques: motion graphics and traditional 2D animation. This creates smooth transitions that allow
for an effortless viewing experience of this video.

Twilio API illustration FEVR

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