Explainer Video Twilio Flex

At WIDEVIEW we were happy to create the whole art direction, the character design and of course the mix of motion graphics and 2D traditional animation on this Twilio Flex video. Twilio Flex represents a new approach to enterprise cloud software. The Twilio model of the programmable contact center platform allows web developers and partners to build, deploy, and test contact center solutions that fit within existing systems without having to start from scratch.

Motiongrapher Los Angeles Twilio FEVR

The production pipeline for this film broadly follows the logical pattern of this type of production. In parallel with writing the voice-over script we work on the artistic direction and the character design. To find the perfect character style for the film and that suits our client, we make numerous sketches to find the shapes, faces, features and general appearance of the illustration. At the end of this research, when the character is validated, we carry out what we call the “turn” which allows us to see it from different axes, in order to then be able to integrate it into the animation while keeping its proportions.

Motion graphics company storyboard FEVR Twilio 02

Once the previous illustration and character design stage is completed, we integrate all of this into a well-detailed sketched storyboard.

Motion graphics company storyboard FEVR Twilio 01
Motion graphics company storyboard FEVR Twilio 03

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