Motion Design Studio Mixed Media – Canopy

Here at WIDEVIEW we’re all about the green and helping our planet stay healthy so when CANOPY PLANET reached out for animated motion graphics services to us we were really excited.

Canopy save the planet storyboard FEVR Motion Design Company NYC

CANOPY PLANET works with the forest industry’s biggest customers and their suppliers to develop business solutions that protect these last frontier forests. Some of their main partners include H&M, Scholastic, Stella, Target, Zara and the list goes on.

Canopy save the planet animator working  FEVR Motion Design Company NYC

We used video collage (mixed media video) to tell the pulp thriller of what CANOPY is all about, all while following this curious detective on her journey. With a robust image library provided we were able to design around them and create a perfect balance of imagery and illustrations. Filled with textures and depth this was an energetic video that worked perfectly to deliver CANOPY’s message.

Canopy save the planet storyboard FEVR Motion Design Company Los Angeles
Canopy save the planet color palette FEVR Motion Design Company Miami

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