The Power of Animated Educational Videos (Featuring a Luxury Case Study)

With the rise of digital media, traditional training methods are rapidly becoming obsolete. For several years now, an educational tool gaining significant ground is the use of animated training videos with motion graphics. These productions provide an innovative and highly accessible way for employees to acquire new skills or improve existing ones. Unlike in-person training that is time and location-dependent, training videos offer flexibility, allowing learners to access them at their convenience and remotely.  

With educational animated videos, the savings generated by the company is considerable. But what sets training videos apart, and why are they becoming a popular tool in the corporate world?

Luxury industry illustration motion graphics case study by wideview motion graphics agency new york

Consider this case study of a series of animated videos that we created for the luxury brand Chanel.

With 310 boutiques around the world, this iconic luxury company has three main activities: Fashion, Beauty Fragrances, and Watchmaking/Jewelry. The boutiques are organized the same way, whether in Tokyo or New York. Likewise, the products are arranged in the same manner, and even their seasonal window displays are identical.  

It would be almost impossible for the company to correctly and quickly convey all the information their local sales teams need to know to serve their high-end clientele around the planet. That’s why they call on our motion graphics agency to create elegant videos that, once translated into many languages, are shared with their collaborators.  

These animated explainer video offer instructional content that may share information about the company or one of its services, explain how to perform a task, transmit new skills, or offer some other insight. For businesses, these videos are an excellent way to enrich their employees’ knowledge on a variety of subjects, ranging from new software to sales techniques or safety protocols.  

What distinguishes these motion graphics training videos is their consistency, flexibility, and accessibility, making them an economical alternative to traditional in-person training. They allow employees to learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want, and they are easily revisable, which helps to transmit updated information with great reactivity.  

The Growing Popularity of Animated Educational Videos

Engagement through Animation: The animated videos we produce in our motion graphics agency capture the attention and make the learning process more enjoyable. Compared to written tutorials or lengthy instructions, animated videos are more engaging and interactive, making them a preferred choice for most learners.  

Cost-Effectiveness: Contrary to what one might believe, the production cost of high-quality animated videos is often lower than hiring trainers and covering their travel expenses. Plus, the cost of producing videos is a one-time expense, unlike the recurring costs associated with hiring internal experts or external trainers. For instance, Microsoft’s decision to replace in-person training with videos reduced their training costs from $320 to $17 per person.  

Simplification of Complex Information: Explanatory videos offer the flexibility of breaking down complex information into engaging animated scenes, facilitating learners’ understanding.  

Facilitation of the Onboarding Process: A company’s first impression is crucial for new employees. An animated video can offer a warm welcome, create a comfortable environment, and introduce the work process step by step, thereby reducing the tension and anxiety often felt by new hires.  

Creation of Happier and More Inspired Employees: These motion graphics animations, provided they are written by copywriters with a touch of humor, can also help maintain employee motivation and positivity, ultimately boosting productivity and overall job satisfaction.  

Luxury industry animation motion graphics case study by wideview motion design company new york

Advantages of Explainer Video Animation-Based Learning

Animation offers a variety of benefits to the learner, including:  

  • Simplification of Complex Subjects: Animated videos are particularly effective when it comes to complex subjects that require an engaging and easy-to-understand approach.  
  • Improved Information Retention: Studies show that people retain information from videos five times more than that from reading.  
  • Versatility: Animated videos cater to different learning styles and can effectively communicate with a diverse audience.  
  • Promotion of Informal Learning: The playful nature of animated videos encourages a more relaxed and engaging learning experience, promoting better understanding and retention of knowledge.

Key Elements of an Effective Training Video in Motion Graphics

Much like a well-made film, a truly effective training video should be engaging, informative, and clear. That’s why the creatives in our motion graphics animation studio tailor their content to the specific needs of the client. Whether it’s graphic content, illustrations, or animation, everything must combine form and substance. A successful video must be relevant to captivate and retain the viewer’s attention. Moreover, it should be short enough to ensure that viewers stay engaged and retain the information.  
Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Caterpillar Inc. have all seen substantial returns on investment in animated video learning compared to traditional in-person training. In addition to cost savings, training videos can also contribute to employee retention, with 93% of employees more likely to stay longer in a company that invests in their career. With the added benefits of convenience, engagement, and adaptability to modern and busy lifestyles, training videos prove to be an invaluable tool in contemporary corporate culture.